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  • RN Support

    Our records show that you have an active RealTimes Premium Annual plan under The record logs also indicate that you logged into your account and cancelled the subscription after the billing date. 

    Cancelled date: 04/07/2023

    Billing date: 04/01/2023

    As per our terms of subscriptions, we don't offer refunds. Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds due to these reasons. 

  • William J Hirons

    I'm in the same pickle.. Accidently Signed up this morning (04/11) and wasjust researching for a Video Player and now I'm unable to cancel the $39.99 on my CC. This SUCKS !!!

  • RN Support


    We see you purchased RealPlayer Plus 22. This is a stand-alone purchase and not recurring subscription. For stand-alone purchases, we do have a 30 day refund policy. You may be confused about the policy differences. This confirms your refund for your RealPlayer purchase in the amount of $43.19. 

    Depending on your financial institution, please allow a few days for the refund to post. This will appear on your next credit card statement issued following this processing period.


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