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Unable to activate Real player plus


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  • Huee Ling NG

    yes, I have the similar experience; I bought real player plus too, early 2022 I was mis lead into clicking an update button and cannot activate it anymore.
    I even encounter activation problem free real downloader, it only work occasionally ....
    sorry I am not able to solve the problem so far

  • RN Support

    Sud Vam,

    We see that you purchased RealPlayer Plus 20/20. If you installed RealPlayer 22, you will need to upgrade to activate Plus features in RealPlayer 22 as this is a different product with additional new features. 

    If you don't want to upgrade, you will need to uninstall RealPlayer 22 and install RealPlayer 20/20. You can install RealPlayer 20/20 by clicking this link.

    Once you have installed RealPlayer 20/20, you will need to sign into it to activate your Plus features.

  • RN Support


    We see that you purchased RealPlayer Downloader Express 22 under your email address. You will need to sign into RealPlayer to activate your Downloader Express features.


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