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  • Sean

    As a free RealTimes user you will get 2 GB of Cloud space. After reviewing your account, I see you haven't used any of your Cloud space (uploading videos or pictures to Cloud). Therefore, due to inactivity of Cloud usage you received such email from us.

    If you would like to continue using your RealTimes free account, try uploading videos to Cloud or try sharing some videos with your friends and family.

    To upload videos to Cloud, refer this article:

    To share videos or photos using RealTimes, refer this article:

  • RealNetworks Knowledge Base

    Also, to clarify: your account will not be deleted, and you can continue to use it. The notice was to let people know that we would delete any videos they had stored in their Cloud, due to inactivity. Since it appears you do not have any videos stored in the Cloud, you do not need to worry. However, I would encourage you to sign in when using your account, to avoid receiving further emails of this nature.


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