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Windows Task Scheduler tries to run RealDownloaderRealUpgrade Task after uninstall


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  • Sean

    To resolve this issue, make sure the RealPlayer folders and files are deleted from your computer by following the steps below:

    1. Go to My Computer.
    2. Go to C:\ or Local Disk (C:).
    3. Go to the Program Files folder.
    4. Go to the Real folder.
    5. If you have a 32-bit operating system, delete the RealPlayer folder: c:\program files\real\RealPlayer If you have a 64-bit operating system, delete the RealPlayer folder: c:\program files x 86\real\RealPlayer
    6. Go back to the Program Files folder.
    7. Go to the Common Files folder.
    8. For RealPlayer 16 or older versions: Delete the Real folder c:\program files\common files\real\ (or c:\program files x86\common files\real\ if you have a 64-bit OS).

    If you are not able to delete folders because "a folder or file in it is open in another program," follow these steps:

    1. Open Task Manager (right-click anywhere in the bottom bar of your screen, and select Start Task Manager) and select the Processes tab.
    2. End any of the following processes that are still visible.
      • downloader2.exe *32
      • realplay.exe *32
      • realsched.exe *32
      • recordingmanager.exe
      • rpdsvc.exe *32
      • RealPlayerUpdateSvc.exe *32
      • rpsystray.exe
    3. Restart your computer and delete the folders.

    If for any reason the above instructions do not completely uninstall the software, open Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealPlayer\RPDS and double-click uninst.exe to uninstall RealPlayer Cloud. If you don't see this folder in Program Files, you will need to reinstall the software first.

    I hope this information is helps!


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