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When I did an update to real player on my comp it sent all my videos to the cloud & I can't open most of them.  That is why I have not visited the cloud & you are going to delete me.  Please do not do that.  Help me retrieve my videos as there are about 20 of them that my son sings on & I want those FOR SURE!!!  If you can help me figure out how to get the things back out of the cloud, I will be able to use Real Player again.  Please advise.  I got your message be4 but couldn't find how to contact you, so I got another email from you today saying I only have 7 days now.  I just don't want to lose what is in the cloud as they are personal & important to me.  Thank you--   Pls get back to me.  

Diana Hutchison

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We periodically send these emails to customers who have not signed into their accounts for over 6 months. If you are still interested in using RealPlayer/RealTimes, all you need to do is sign in to your account at, and your content will remain in your RealCloud.

If you do not sign in or use your account, we will delete any media you have stored in RealCloud. However, we will not deactivate your account (or delete media stored on your hard drive), so if you change your mind later you can come back and upload new content.

In order to download the contents from your Cloud account, follow the below steps:

- Login to
- Right click any videos and select Download Original

I hope this information helps.

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