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Email from RealTimes advising me the content in my RealCloud account would be deleted unless I reactivated my account within 7 days.

 Based on the above email I clicked on the link provided then signed in. It appears I received the free version of "realtimes" without any premium features. My question is this: Sometime ago I purchased "RealPlayer Plus 16" which was later upgraded to "RealPlayer Cloud", both of which came with premium features. The current version has upgrade options which indicate I would have to purchase in order to obtain them. Why should I have to pay for this since I have already paid for premium features? 

James Wingfield

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We periodically send these emails to customers who have not signed into their accounts for over 6 months. 

If you recently used your account, we apologize for any concern the email may have caused. Your content is safe. 

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