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I am trying to listen to The NPR 100, which requires RealAudio. Is there any way to get this for OS-X? If not, is there a work-around?

Chuck Leech

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In order to play the .ra file you can download RealPlayer SP for MAC. To do so, please click on the link below:

Note: We are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer SP for MAC, so some features (such as Download This Video) may not work on these versions.

The extensions .rm and .ram apply to multimedia container formats used by RealMedia for streaming content over the Internet. All versions of our PC desktop player (RealPlayer, RealPlayer Cloud, and RealTimes) should be able to play these files. You should also be able to play .rm files on a Mac.

To play .rm files on an Android device, iPhone, or iPad, you will first need to upload the file to your RealCloud using either the PC desktop version or the web version of RealTimes (

Files with a .ram extension cannot be played on a Mac, Android, or iOS device and cannot be uploaded to RealCloud, as these files are actually instructions for playing the file from a web source.

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