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Recording Blockage


This is the second time to contact about inability to record in the past few months on Real Player Website itself rather than Firefox or the Explorer.

Automatically generated messages had been forwarded several times without response and feedback from Real Player Team.

I have tried to use the Internet explorer and Google chrome with similar result.

Please find the attachment to clarify my perspective on this matter.

It appears to be an indirect pressure to upgrade to 18+ (I clicked on Tools to reset Mic/Line In but was prompted to upgrade to 18plus only without access to my Mic/Line In controls)

Please rectify this problem without delay as the existing Real Player services contract was paid for and any further obstruction would be deemed as a breach contract.

The discretion to upgrade should be voluntary rather than coarse.

Thank you for your prompt assistance


Dele Adeyemi







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I've sent a message to the email address associated with your account. Please respond and we'll go from there.

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