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Changing from Internal to External


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  • RN Support

    Here are steps to change your default DVD drive.

    1. Open RealPlayer.
    2. Click the RealPlayer logo on the top left corner and click Preferences.
    3. Expand CD and click CD Burner.
    4. Under Default Recordable Drive, please choose your new drive that is associated with your newer DVD drive.
    5. Click OK and restart RealPlayer.
  • Matthew Poff

    Now I'm getting the following..."A Buffer error has occurred. Please try selecting a slower write speed in Drive options or close some applications begore attempting your burn again. (1012)"

    I was going to burn a few music selections on CD before trying to burn some DVDS. I cant get passed "13" on the first cut when it freezes.

  • RN Support

    We sent you an email. We'll take it from there.


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