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end of file error parsing ac3 audio stream - message


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    RN Support

    You are probably trying to burn WebM files. We have resolved this issue in our latest version. Our latest version of RealPlayer is v. To install this, please follow these steps:

    1. Open RealPlayer

    2. Click the RealPlayer logo on the top left corner and click "Check for updates"

    3. Follow the online instructions to install the latest version

    Once installed, please restart your computer and try to burn the files again. If you still have the same issue, please provide me the format of the files you are trying to burn to a DVD.

  • Philip Lansdown

    I already have the latest version, which I am running on Windows 10. The files I am trying to burn are in mp4. I use Real Player converter to convert them from webm, mkv, etc to mp4.  I redownloaded the Real Times software yesterday as it kept timering out after recoding the files before the burn part started (and put up a timed out message) the only way it would actually work was to fully restart the computer then burn the discs.

    When I redownloaded the software, it said I already had the latest version, and did I want to overwrite it with the same, which I did. Since then I cannot even recode the SAME mp4 files that I successfully burned to DVD last week!  I just get the - end of file: error parsing ac3 audio streams - message when it hits 90% of the recoding of the file. I have redownloaded Real times 4 times since then, and have cleaned the computer and had any adware professionally removed by my security provider, incase that was the problem. It made no difference. I still get the ac3 audio stream message. I can now only burn files successfully to DVD by converting files from all formats (mp4, mkv, webm, wmv, etc) to Real Media HD which I am afraid is a lot more pixally and blobby than when I could burn it in mp4 and takes time to convert, but at least it works. I see other people have also had this issue. Any ideas?



  • Philip Lansdown

    End of file: Error parsing ac3 audio stream - Additional information.

    Interesting - this issue only comes up when trying to burn mp4 files. If you convert the failing mp4 files to wmv then it burns the DVD without failing.

    Annoyingly the Real Player converter does not seem to like converting mkv to wmv, (it keeps failing with ERRORS message) so you have to convert mkv to mp4 and then mp4 to wmv, which it will then convert happily. Yeah that makes sense!!

    Option B is transferring everything in mp4 or mkv into Real Media HD which also burns succesfully to DVD without the ac3 stream error message. The draw back with Real Players flag ship format is - because they proudly reduce the file size to save you a hand full of mega bytes space on your computer (when you are probably going to delete the file anyway as soon as you have put it on DVD), the picture quality is sometimes pixally and blobby - especially during lower light scenes (for example - night time) and fast moving camera shots in the program you are burning.

    This still however does not solve the issue of why mp4 is suddenly failing every time with the ac3 stream message, and it's worth noting that other people are also reporting it.

    Hope this additional information helps.


  • RN Support

    I am curious to know more about this issue as we have not heard of such an issue especially with MP4s. Let's take this offline. I sent you an email and we'll take it from there.

  • Charles Spivey

    Having the same issue, but I noticed when using Downloader, it was completing before all the files were downloaded. The files would show, for instance, 46.5 Mb. but it would be completing at 41.5 or so Mb. The file was not completely downloaded so it couldn't complete the coding. The files being downloaded are MP4. 


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