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Realplayer Plus won't finish burning MP4 to DVD+R


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    RN Support

    We have a known issue with certain files. Our engineering team is investigating this. I will email you once we have an update.

    In the meantime, please let me know what your operating system on your computer is.


  • Philip Lansdown

    I have the same issue and posted some information about it on this support page a few weeks ago. 
    Real player replied and said that their technicians are trying to fix the problem as quite a few people have reported it to them. 
    The problem affects only MP4 files. If you use the Real Converter and convert the MP4 files into Real Media HD and then burn them to DVD it will work, although I found that the picture quality is slightly weaker (dark pictures pixel slightly) but at least you can still burn stuff until they fix the problem.

  • Nicholas Smith

    Windows 10.  It has been 2 months since I last complained.  Who do you have working for you?

  • Nicholas Smith

    Also I tried to convert to Real Media HD and then burn a video disk and that didn't work either.  I got a scrambled video that looked like a bunch of diagonal colored lines like a 1950's tv set.


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