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recording problem


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  • Philip Lansdown

    I had this issue a few years ago on my old laptop.

    It basically means that there is not enough room on your computer for Real Player to transfer the video that you want to burn, into a temporary file while it recodes it, before it burns it on to your disc.

    In other words your computers memory is pretty much full.

    If you delete some stuff you don't want anymore, and then try again, it should work.

  • null null

    Disk is in go to burn said there is no disk

  • Real CS

    Either you have more than 1 DVD drive or your DVD drive is not functioning anymore. If you have more than 1 DVD drive, RealPlayer is looking at the default drive which may not be a DVD drive or may be faulty. You can change the settings in Preferences and choose the 2nd DVD drive. However, if you insert a disk in your drive and double click that Drive name from a windows folder and it prompts you to insert a disk in even if it is in, it clearly means that the drive is faulty. You have a hardware problem.


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