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Unable to play DVDs

I just purchased ($39.99) RealPlayer Plus mainly for the purpose of playing DVDs on my laptop. I can start RealPlayer, then login, click on my name at the top and click on PLUS to confirm that I do have RealPlayer Plus (btw, the term "PLUS" does not appear anywhere else, which had me doubting).
The problem is that if I insert a DVD in my dvd drive, playing does not start right. I only hear the sound and there is no video. Also playing (of the sound) only lasts for a few seconds, that is for one "chapter" at a time according to the "chapters" listed in the queue panel to the right. 
I have uninstalled and re-installed the program (twice) but to no avail. I read that some DVD Playback feature should have been downloaded and installed but I have no way of knowing if they were, or how to manually download them. I need help getting this program to play DVDs. Thanks.

PS: I am using a new Windows 10 Pro Lenovo ThinkPad X laptop and an older (but working) Slim USB Portable DVD Burner plugged into a Thunderbolt 3 Docking station.

Jean-Marie Assercq

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What is the display resolution on your monitor? If it is currently set to 4k resolution, can you reduce it to 1080p and playback the DVD? Please let us know the result. This information will help us better understand your issue.

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Thanks for taking the time to address this issue.

The defaut display resolution shows 1920 x 1080 (Recommended).  This is the highest possible resolution.

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