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Unable to download videos as of 04/24/19 - Followed all directions, overinstalled- nothing

I was able to download YouTube videos this morning.  Tried to download them this afternoon and evening.  It would not download.  Says it can't find a video. 

Before I started having this problem, I tried to download a video embedded in an Adobe Create Magazine article.  Realplayer wasn't recognizing it.  I also have Audials 2018 on my machine.  I was able to record them using that program. 

Following my use of Audials 2018,  I started to experience this problem.  I Normally use Chrome, but also tried to use Firefox to download a YouTube video using Realplayer and received the same message. 

Following this I did the following different things to try to resolve the problem:

I have followed the directions on the support page.  Rebooted, tried to download again - received the same error message. 

I powered down, powered up, tried to download - received the same error message. 

I overinstalled the RealPlayer express downloader program.  Opened the browser tried to download again.  Received the same error message.  

I tried rebooting again, opening the browser, tried to download again.  Received the same error message.  

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. 

James Stults

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We are aware of some changes made on websites like YouTube which has caused RealDownloader to not download videos.

Our engineers are working on resolving this issue. We will email you as soon as it is resolved.

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