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Real Player no longer works, won't download videos no matter what I do or whaterver website I go to.

After years of having real player on my computer, I get an error code on every video I try to download.  I have spent almost 2 hours and it is now 3:22 am and I have to be up at 6:00 am this morning.  When I go to support section of their website, it says the issue of not being able to download videos has been solved and it gives instructions if you are still having trouble.  I have gone through this several times and I have tried going to other websites (other than youtube)  for videos to download but no success.  After trying to download a video with no success, and I try to access my account info, I can no longer access that as I get an error message that the url address can not be found. I can not find the support phone number on the website and at 3:28 am I am not going to search the internet.  Later this afternoon/early evening I will start backing up all the videos I had in the library, inform Paypal of the lack of good business/support and request a refund, and then delete my account and go to an ethical company.


Bill Covell

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We are aware of some changes made on websites like YouTube which has caused RealDownloader to not download videos.

Our engineers are working on resolving this issue. We will email you as soon as it is resolved.

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