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Unable to download from Youtube.

Like all the other folks in this thread, your download from youtube has been turned off. No doubt most of the people experiencing this sudden stop to this service are are using your free version.  If the reason it is not working is because you no longer wish to offer a free version then just say so and people will stay or leave.  None of the fixes have worked so it leads me to believe that that is the way it is intended.  Please don't lead everyone on a wild goose chase

s.w. a.l.k

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We are aware of some changes made on websites like YouTube which has caused RealDownloader to not download videos.

Our engineers are working on resolving this issue. We will email you as soon as it is resolved.

Real CS

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Cannot download keep saying this is fixed,,IT IS NOT. I have paid for the premium and I expect you to fix this problem. Why are you saying it is fixed when it is in fact NOT.  I have hit the restart downloader,,it is useless. Does not change a thing. When are you going to make this right??? If you aren't then just say so and I will stop this wild goose chase also.

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Not so s.w.a.l.k.,  I paid the $39.95 last year for realplayer plus. It's a one time charge which gives you the premium features with out the extra cloud. Ten years ago I paid the one time $30 payment, wonder what happened to that. Still a great deal for all the youtube videos i've downloaded which is necessary because they're constantly deleting videos.

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The downloader doesn't appear when I try to download a video. I purchased Realplayer plus but it doesn't show up in my account

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We have resolved the Downloader issue.

Please follow these steps to have your Downloader work again.

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click Settings and open Internet Options
3. Click the Advanced tab and hit the Reset button
4. Close Internet Explorer

Once you are done resetting your Internet Explorer, please follow these steps:

1. Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, go to and play any video and click the Downloader button. (This action will still show "Unable to download" message)
2. Close all Windows
3. Restart your PC
4. Go back to and try to download any video (This should activate the latest version of Downloader and you should be able to download videos.)

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I have two computers, Real Downloader works on one, but like everyone else here, does not work on the other. I tried ALL the solutions, but I still cannot get it to work on the second computer. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, I have used the solution you published on April 29th, 2019, I have tried to download using RealPlayer...I suspect I need to try a different program

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If your Downloader works on one and not on the other PC, these are the possible reasons.

1. Wrong installation of RealPlayer

2. Firewall blocking Downloader

Please follow the instructions from the below link to resolve your 1st issue.

Please note: If you have any playlists created, you will have to recreate them.

2. You will need to "Allow" RealDownloader in your firewall program. You may need to contact your firewall program support if you are not aware of how to do that.

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