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If after purchase of your latest Realplayer Plus product, will I be able to transfer a separately created playlist of Youtube videos in my Realplayer library for dvd burn, or is it transfer one by one only? (currently have free version of Realplayer). 

Also, wonder why SOME, not all, downloaded Youtube videos show up in c:drive video section of my pc,  they simply remain in my Realplayer library... they didn't automatic store into C: drive videos section. 

john walters

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If you have created a playlist in YouTube, you can download them all using RealDownloader to your RealPlayer. Once you have it in your RealPlayer, you should be able to burn them to a DVD.

As mentioned previously, all videos downloaded from YouTube using RealDownloader will be stored in your C drive. To know where exactly a video is stored. right click on the video in your RealPlayer library and click Locate file. This will show where the specific video is stored in your C drive.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

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