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Further clarification please, just to be sure,  are u saying I can somehow highlight/transfer a separate playlist of Youtube videos I've created (about 100 files) over to Realplayer Plus all at once for dvd burn?  In free version of Realplayer I have now, I have about 15 different playlists that I would want transferred, each playlist separately, to Plus for burning.  Is this doable, and again, after purchase of Realplayer Plus I won't loose any playlists I've already created?  Thank you. 

john walters

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You can still burn a complete Playlist to a DVD as long as it is not exceeding 120 minutes. You will have to open the Playlist and select the videos you want to burn to a DVD. 120 minutes is the max a DVD can store.

As long as you don't reinstall RealPlayer, your playlists will still be intact after upgrading.


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