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    RN Support

    We have noticed that YouTube is blocking videos from being downloaded at this time. There are other video hosting websites where you can still download videos from which suggests that the Downloader is still working and not broken.

    We don't control websites hosting videos so there is very little we can do to force our Downloader to download videos. We will continue to investigate if there are other ways to download videos from these popular websites but at this time our only request is to be patient so these websites allow videos to be downloaded again.

    However, if you are unable to download videos from a different website, please copy and paste the website address (URL) of the video that you are unable to download.

  • David Sulic

    was able to download videos from you tube with no problem until today; Now I get the "UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD " COMMENT. Nothing has changed with my system; I use Edge as my browser in Windows 10.


  • Linda Smyth

    unable to download videos. I tried uninstalling the program and installing again but same notification Unable to Download ? Please I need HELP!!! 

  • null null

    I've had the same problem. I've even tried re-downloading youtube videos that I had previously downloaded with no problem just a week ago and even they won't download now. I've tried clearing my internet cache and restarting my computer repeatedly, but with no luck and it doesn't appear that it is being addressed.

  • null null

    Perhaps there is also a problem with Youtube. I'm subscribed to several youtube channels and normally get several notices a day about newly released videos. I just noticed that I've received none for the last three days even though none of my settings have changed.

  • Waheed Khan

    I continue to get the message "unable to download" videos from youtube. It happens with some videos but not others. The problem is not consistent. I have tried the three solutions you have offered but none works.

  • RN Support


    Can you try downloading this video?

    If you are able to download from Vimeo but not YouTube, it means that YouTube is blocking you from downloading videos. Please be patient so they allow you to download videos again. 

    Anyway, please let us know if you were able to download videos from a Non-YouTube website.

  • null null

    The problem still appear to be with YouTube. I was able to download the video from with no problem, but still get the no video found with every YouTube video I try to download. I have also noticed that I am no longer getting email notifications from YouTube for uploads for channels I subscribe to and request notifications from.


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