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RealPlayer is CRAP!

I downloaded and installed realplayer to play a DVD.

I have Windows 10 and a search found all the hype and claims of realplayer so I downloaded the free version claimed to "play all formats of DVDs".

It won't recognize the DVD I have in my computer's drive.  It won't load and can't even recognize that it's there.

What a piece of software crap.  Now I have to figure out how to uninstall this junk.

Same time and avoid this product at all cost!

Kerry Wagner

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Firstly, playback of DVDs is a paid feature. You can't play DVDs with the free version of RealPlayer.

Secondly, you will need to set your DVD Drive in Preferences. You can do so by checking under Preferences --> CD --> CD Burner

Lastly, if it is assigned to the correct drive and RealPlayer is not able to detect the disk, RealPlayer might not have installed correctly.

Please reinstall RealPlayer.

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