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Real Player 18 does NOT find videos

I have been using RealPlayer for years.  Yesterday I went to download some videos from youtube and all it tells me is "No videos found at that web address"  I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, restarting RealPlayer, online suggestions and still nothing identifies youtube videos.  I can d/l from other sites but not YouTube.  Making things interesting is just the day before I was able to d/l anything from youtube.  I can not seem to locate any direct number to RealPlayer for specific help so I am asking here in the forum for some help.  Again, I have tried all the suggestions.  I am on a Windows 10 PC with RealPlayer 18 installed.  Have done all the suggested fixes and nothing.  The few suggestions using "kick" in front of any youtube video causes more issues and frustrations with absolutely no progress.  Thanks for any help.  I should also note that though Real Player says it does not find any videos on that page well, it does show up as an option to download (the download button I guess you would call it).  Sorry, keep thinking...I have also tried to download my own uploads on YouTube and that also comes up as not found.  Calling customer service (finally found it) just gives me a message to go to where I have already been...earlier this month I even renewed my premium plan.  Thanks again, hope help comes soon.


Thomas Goulding

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Firstly, if you are able to download videos other than YouTube, it means that the Downloader is working right. We have seen from time to time that YouTube blocks users from downloading videos. Especially during this pandemic where the traffic is quite heavy, they throttle their bandwidth. 

The only solution is for them to release bandwidth to your IP address. One way to fetch a new IP address would be to contact your ISP. You can ask them to provide you with a new IP. They can flush the IP address and send you a new one.

Since YouTube is throttling, there is little that we can do.The good news is that they are pretty good in providing more bandwidth sooner. However in some case it may take a couple of days.

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