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SUGGESTIONS to improve RealDownloder when downloading video list (play list)

1 - Before downloading a video list (play list), give the user the option of selecting a different directory or create a sub-directory for the videos. The selection of directory is only for this video list and the default download directory is used after.

2 - Give the user the capability to insert a prefix or suffix to each dowloaded file name. The suffix should have two parts: an alpha-numeric part and a numerical index. For example: VID001, VID002, ... or CONCERT-001, CONCERT-002, ... or CLASS001, CLASS002. The size of the index number should be configurable (1 or 2 or 3 digits)

2 - Give the user the capability to control how video lists (play list) are downloaded. In the current version, a big number of videos are downloaded simultaneously. Often time, video download times out! You should give the user control over how many videos are downloaded simultaneously. Here are the suggestion parameters the user should control.

- The video downloader should download up to N number of videos simultaneously and wait until the last video is finished downloading before another group of N videos starts to download simultaneously again. The user should control N!

Colbert Philippe

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