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expired version?

For some reason last night (Sat., July 25) when I tried to open RealPlayer I got a pop-up notice that my "version has expired" with instructions to click below to get a new version.  But when I clicked, nothing happened.  I tried again a few hours later, again getting the "expired" notice but being unable to install a new version. 

Oddly enough, although I couldn't open RealPlayer, I could still download videos in the usual way.  I couldn't WATCH the videos with RealPlayer - for that I had to use something else.

This morning (Sun., July 26) I did a complete virus scan of my computer without finding any problems and then went to your web-page to download and install a new version of RealPlayer.

I don't know what was going on yesterday, but everything seems to be fine today.

Ian Michaud

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We are not sure what might have happened. Perhaps, your virus scan fixed the issue. 

If you run into this issue again, please let us know.

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