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video format not supported?

i have a video camera made by JVC. Model GZ-MG365BU  video format not supported? Hard Disk CamCorder.  Recordings are saved as .MOD files. Ive long been unable to view them in RealPlayer. I cannot find any data regarding .MOD files on your website. Please help me find a solution. Must I continue to use VLC app? 

looking for a quick response. TIA

- heaveemello


L.A. Jimmi

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.MOD is a proprietary format used by JVC, Panasonic and Canon and RealPlayer doesn't recognize and is not compatible with. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this. 

You could try to install certain codec packs. Installing the K-Lite codec pack often helps to fix issues related to playback. You can install it from the link below:

After installing the codec, restart your computer and try playing the videos again.

If it still fails, there is nothing much we could do.

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