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Downloaded videos

I have Real Player 18. It was a one time purchase for 39.00 several years ago.

I have always been able to download videos from YouTube, and then find them in the My videos list so I can burn them onto DVDs. For the last month I can still download videos, have them converted to RealPlayer High Definition, but they no longer appear on my videos list. All the older videos I downloaded in the past are still there. I am willing to upgrade to the 49.95 a year plan, but have tried to purchase that plan with no success. I'm not sure what is wrong or what I can do to fix this as I still want to use this program.

David Wynn

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We see that you have an active RealPlayer Plus. You don't have to upgrade or pay anything at this moment. 

If we understand your issue correctly, all the videos you converted to RMHD don't show under your RealPlayer library? Would you know where these videos are stored in your PC's hard disk? By default all videos are stored in the Videos folder in your hard disk.

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