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  • Real CS

    We don't control how certain videos are stored in the websites that host videos. That said, if you are downloading videos in a TS format, you can use RealConverter to convert it to MP4. Our product team is looking at automatically converting TS files to MP4 in the upcoming version. Until such time, we request you to convert to MP4.

  • null null

    Real_CS, I appreciate your reply to S.Hunt.

    I only just found out it was also downloading them as TS files today.
    And I see it's only been happening for the previous 7 days, in which time not ONE single video is coming in as an MP4 - they are ALL TS files now!  No more MP4 downloads, even from YouTube.

    What is going on??  Why just out ot the blue like this is it occurring when before Aug.31, I NEVER saw a TS file!!  I had no idea what they were.
    I was hoping there was a format setting somewhere I could change, or just return it to the default settings.

    This seems awfully strange, and it seems to be pointing to RealPlayer as the source of the problem as I only recently updated it.  Not exactly sure what day, but I'll bet you it's Aug. 31 !   I'm going to check my installation folder to verify.

  • Real CS

    As mentioned previously, we don't control how websites upload videos. It is quite possible these websites are uploading as .TS format. That said, we are working on automatically converting .TS files (if downloaded) to MP4 format to avoid this confusion. Don't have an ETA but it surely is being implemented. 


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