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Download Quality Settings


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  • Real CS

    To change the resolution of your videos to be downloaded, you can do so by changing it from the Downloader button. See screenshot below.

    Please note: You can download up to 4k resolution if the video contains a 4k resolution.

  • Clay Youngblood

    No, that is not what the person posting was talking about. We want to be able to select the quality of video downloads. As is, the premium downloads selection only has three options. We need to be able to select "Up to 480p" "Up to 720p" "Up to 1080p" and so on. As is, we can't select to download only up to 720p so we are left either downloading videos that are huge in size or small in quality. As a premium customer, I find it terrible that the program has such limited controls on the quality of video to be downloaded. You need to add addition options to the download quality so people that pay money have better control over what they paid for.


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