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Real Player Plus Record this Clip grayed out and unavailable


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  • Real CS

    Are you playing an online stream which you are trying to record? If yes, can you please share what that URL is? We would like to test it in-house.

  • null null

    I had the same problem, just bookmark the download point and revisit it later, try again. I guess it has something to do with bandwith and the availabilty of downloading.

    When the downloading queue get loaded up, it sometimes does that. just bookmark, revisit it later. 

  • Real CS

    We don't get to see the record option as well for this link. It is quite possible the webmaster has disabled their streams to be recorded. We don't control how they manage their content so we will not know what they might have done. We tried a different archived show from the same website and was able to record. Therefore, you may want to contact their webmaster.

  • Steve DeLeo

    That makes sense. Thank you.


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