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Download video-format is changed in .ts-format (no longer .mp4)


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  • Real CS

    Could you please provide us with a sample URL which downloads in .TS format? Also, please let us know the web browser you are using?

  • Marc Vervloet

    First an update:
    By trying to solve the problem, downloads finally stopped working.
    I reinstalled realplayer and the situation is now as follows:
    - some downloads run fine
    - some downloads don't work

    I could not immediately find an example of download with .ts.

    Is this finally a setting of the site from which the download comes?

    Brouwser = edge ver. 94.0.992.31

  • null null

    Hey Marc:

    I find that some are uploaded with the .ts.

    ts is a format that is played with a player called VLC

    VLC player will play the video's with ts at the end instead of mp4.

    stop worrying, download the VLC player just put VLC in the url, and you will see it. Just download and use the free VLC player to playthe video's in ts


    Have fun viewing the ts video's now.


  • Real CS


    The second URL you provided us shows that the video in that web page is an embedded YouTube video. We are also not able to download this embedded video. However, when we played the video and chose to play directly from YouTube, we were able to download the video without any issues. We don't control how the web master of setup their website so we can't answer that. Simply following these steps should help you with the video being downloaded. Hope this helps.

  • Marc Vervloet
    Thanks for the feedback and the solutions
    The case can be closed for me.

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