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  • Real CS

    You have the correct version of the Downloader and we were able to download the video without any problems. Which browser are you using the download this video? We feel that it may be a firewall setting in your computer that is blocking the video from being downloaded. Are you able to download other videos from YouTube?

  • Martin Websdale


    Thanks for your reply.

     I'm using firefox.

     The video i sent you was just an example,i'm unable to download videos from Youtube or any other site.

    I will check my firewall/anti-virus & get back to you.

  • Martin Websdale

    I've made sure that my anti-virus (AVG) is not blocking Realplayer.

    I've have made sure Realplayer is being allowed by my firewall.

    I have tried to download videos with my anti-virus disabled.

    I have tried to download videos with my firewall disabled.

    I have tried downloading with both my firewall & anti-virus disabled.

    With each of these attempts I have restarted my system & still cannot download with realplayer.

    This has only been happening since the last download.

  • Ron Washington

    This is my issue as well. However some oher videos on Youtube does download.

  • Real CS

    Martin & Ron,

    We sent you both an email. Please respond to them so we can troubleshoot your issue offline.


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