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Not able to install realplayer


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  • RN Support

    You can try the following steps to download the offline installer.

    Run the installer again. When you get to this window, click Cancel or the X.

    You will now see this Window. Click Alternate Installer

    This will download the offline installer. Please install this file and let us know if you still run into the same issue.


  • null null

    Hi, Thanks for your quick response!

    I checked the file when initially downloaded, it already has the offline installer (size of 64,314K, which is the same size using the above method, as compared to other file which is only 1,097K). 

    So, the same error.

    I talked to our tech support, he said that error is coming from realplayer, not from the laptop OS.

    What does it mean that "Restricted User do not have adequate Window OS rights..."

    Our tech support has used the admin account to install the full installer.

    Any way to get around this issue?

  • null null

    Any update to get around this issue?

  • RN Support

    We released the latest version which resolves this issue. Please download and install the latest from and let us know if the issue persists.


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