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No DVD burner or CD Burner


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  • Real CS

    Here is what we would like you to do to confirm if the problem is RealPlayer (software) or your DVD Drive (hardware).

    1. Insert a blank DVD in your drive.
    2. Go to My PC and double click your DVD drive.

    If Windows says "Insert DVD" even though you have inserted a disk, it means that the DVD drive is not able to read the disk in it. So this indicates that the problem is your hardware. However, if Windows prompts you to do something with the disk as in "What do you want to do" etc..., it means that RealPlayer is not configured properly. 

    If the latter (RealPlayer), could you please let us know if you have more than 1 DVD drive in your PC? If the former (DVD Drive), you will need to either get in touch with your PC manufacturer or get a new DVD drive.

  • Kent Frandsen

    Hi,   Thanks for the info.  My DVD Drive was okay as I was able to use it in other programs and play some CDs.    I did go back and went through the process of doing a complete uninstall as I mentioned in my post.  Also I went back on your web site and downloaded the program again.  I turned off  any program that was running in the background. such as my Virus software.  Then I reinstalled again.  So far everything is back and running as before.and yes it does find my drive. Looks like the problem was RealPlayer.  I noticed that there was a new update with all the new features being added so I started the download and install.  There might have been something running or maybe something else that caused the update to crash.  Anyway the problem has been solved.  Thanks for the follow up.


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