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end of file: error parsing ac3 audio stream


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  • Real CS

    Regarding the AC3 error, this message usually shows up if there are codecs in those videos that are not compatible with RealPlayer burn. Usually converting them to MP4 using RealConverter should fix the codec issue. So please convert and burn the converted videos.

  • Barry Engu

    Thanks for information but my file are already MP4 and some odd reason it started working again 2 days ago. 

    Now I'm getting this error ( runtime error: use of invalid editor "Stream::StreamFileEditorBase" ) WHY?

  • Real CS

    Usually "Stream::StreamFileEditorBase" message comes due to one of the following reasons:

    1. Corrupted installation of RealPlayer.
    2. Corrupted videos.
    3. Incompatible video format.
    4. Corrupted/bad DVD disk.
    5. Faulty DVD drive.

    Can you use RealConverter and convert one of the videos to a different video format and burn that? This will solve the 3rd issue pointed out above.

    Lastly, can you please let us know what version of RealPlayer do you have?


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