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real downloader says its unable to download

It Keeps saying unable to download

Kim Peters

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First make sure you have the latest version of RealPlayer. You can update RealPlayer to the latest version by following the steps from the below link.

Once you have the latest version, please follow these steps.

Please follow these instructions to resolve your downloader issue.

1. Type Internet Options in the Windows search bar or open Internet Explorer and click Internet Options.
2. Under Browsing History, click Delete and Delete again when prompted.
3. Click OK and close Internet Options/Internet Explorer.
4. Open one of the web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) and go to
5. Click the Download This Video button. (You will still receive no titles at this time)
6. Close all Windows and restart your PC.
7. Go back to your web browser and download a video. (You should be able to download videos again with the titles)




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