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Real player running in background

I prefer not to have real player running in the background when PC starts up. I've looked through all the preference files to change the setting. What am I missing?

On another subject, I noticed I was charged for real times subscription. I paid for a lifetime deal several years ago and yes, I read the posts about this being a new product etc, etc,. However, notification of the payment should have been sent prior to billing and, is this an annual fee?

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You can disable RealPlayer in your Startup. Please follow these steps to disable RealPlayer in startup.

1. Open Task Manager.

2. Click Startup tab.

3. Disable the following tasks

a. RealDownloader.
b. RealNetworks Scheduler.
c. RealPlayer with RealTimes.

We see that you have subscribed to the RealTimes Premium (Annual) plan. This is a yearly subscription that renews automatically. We currently don't send out a notification of the renewal. We will pass it on to our product team as a feedback.


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