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Burning a dvd

The burning process is next to useless. The reason I bought RealDownloder is so I can save videos I like and then put them on a DVD and or flash drive . Everytime I load a new dvd or one that supposedly can be added to , RP wants to erase the prior content. And RP has to download software to play the video....every time. How can I share my videos if realplayer cant even play them. I would like to burn the videos in such a way as to make it possible for someone to put the dvd in thier player or computer and then PLAY it

This is too complicated.

Is there a way I can save the video library to a backup drive?




Cush Dobbs

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When you burn a set of files to a DVD using RealPlayer, you will be prompted if you want to delete the existing files stored on a DVD if it is a RW DVD. This is by design.

Once you are able to burn it, it should play on any DVD player whether it is a DVD Drive on a PC or a regular DVD player connected to a TV.

We don't understand what you mean by saving a video library to a backup drive.

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