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having trouble with my down loader

when do you think they going to unblocked the videos so we can download aren't you all suppose to find out when we can use this product again people are getting mad i saw some of the post that people have posted the websites ya'll tell us to go on doesn't do shit you can't even get a cd song off of it and the videos you try to look up they don't even be on there someone needs to find out about you tube and then we don't even have a number for you tube 

latrice reaves

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We don't control how other websites do their business or technologies they use. If they decide to make changes to their website, it will break the Downloader experience. Every time they have done this, we have managed to make our Downloader compatible. This being said, if in the future, they make changes to their websites, it will break Downloader as well.

Lastly, we are not responsible for contact numbers of YouTube. If they don't have one, you have to take it up with them and not RealNetworks. We are 2 different companies.

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