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Real Time BS

Recently I installed a free version of RealPlayer, and have since been plagued with a lot of B.S. (explanation available if needed) FROM UNWARRANTED EMAILS, UNWARRANTED SUGGESTIONS, ETC from RealPlayer..    You guys used to be great, but obviously you have succumbed to being the typical CORPORATE bully by constantly  being a pita* with all  your B.S.  (bull, shit) constantly bugging the consumer.

ll I ask at this point, 1) how do I stop the almost constant BS from Real Player,  or 2) should I just uninstall RealPlayer and inform all my contacts?


There is no other option !!!, either 1) or 2).   I REALLY WANT AN ANSWER, EITHER WAY!!!

George Hood

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If you don't want RealPlayer, you can simply uninstall RealPlayer from your Add/Remove programs. Please provide us with an email you are receiving from us.

Please forward the emails you are receiving from us to and we will look into it.

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