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Files startup.log and rpdsvc.log

Excuse me:

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I have 2 files startup.log in the folder REAL for 2 days; and rpdsvc.log .
Both files are more than 60 GB in size. I do not know what has happened to that.
I have deinstalled REAL Cloud now. The two files still are up
Disk drive C in the folder real remained. I had to delete her one by one.
These files were not displayed in the Explorer. With the programme must
the files search withTreeSize-Free she could delete only with this programme.

Norton and Emsisoft has found no virus.

Before I install real Cloud newly again, I would like to know,
what has happened to these two files?

I have bought the latest version of real Cloud in February.

Yours sincerely


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You don't have to worry about those two files - you can leave them as they are and go ahead and reinstall your RealPlayer by visiting:

Once you've installed the free version, sign in to re-enable your Plus features - see: Signing in to RealPlayer

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Thank you for the answer.  
The files were very big.  
startup.log 30.8 GB
rpdsvc.log 31.0 GB
What is the fault?  
Yours sincerely


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