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The 2 download boxes

Like you said that you're/ me are having trouble downloading certain video's I seem to have more problems when the blue box comes down instead of the one with the picture that shows up,like a song. Maybe this would solve your and my problems. Is there a way to get the colored box to come down? It seems the blue button isn't adequate. I'm going to do a search but I'll ask you while I'm here. You have my old e-mail address and password and I'm using gmail now. Oh sometimes the blue box comes down and if I move the cursor up and down the colored box comes down. I think that box works better. I'm going to go back and try to get it to work on Chrome or Google. Ok, this is turning into a big list of questions. This one is that I had a couple double video's from FGL so I clicked delete and baaam! the entire F section was gone

Dennis Foley

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Usually the button will be in Blue and when a video is detected, it will turn to Orange. This is by design. We don't understand the second part of your message. Can you please describe more about the F section you are mentioning?

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