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I am thinking I need to upgrade to Plus or Premium from the free version. but I also know that Realplayer gets upgraded often. so is my purchase going to cover me for upgrades to the new versions? I don't want to pay for a subscription today and then find out next month that I have to pay again for the new version. 

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We have 2 products namely RealPlayer Plus and RealTimes Premium. The current version of RealPlayer Plus is v.18. If you purchase RealPlayer Plus v.18 (one-time purchase), you will receive updates and technical support for the life of this product. If there is newer version that gets released, that will need a purchase as it is a newer product.

With RealTimes Premium (Monthly or Annual) subscription, you will always be entitled to the latest version of RealPlayer Plus as long as the subscription is active.

To learn more about our products and features, please click the below link.


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