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Multiple Issues

The quick list, deleting songs,twice now I wanted to delete a song in the F section and just like tonight that whole section is gone. Songs from 15 years ago. Don't ever click the second button about deleting from the hard drive because now I can't even go back to my computer to get them.

#2) converting;  I need to convert all of my songs to MP4, fine, no big deal but now the song in MP4 form has a green color not the original picture like one that says .wbm I burned a DVD yesterday to play on my drums  and the song that showed up green in the picture now is nothing but green for the whole song.  I can't even convert them because the ones that show the picture will come out just like the others!  I hold down the blue button until it turns orange with the picture thinking it would download in the MP4 format, so is that wrong. Why are there two different icons that come down?Before I started writing this I downloaded every song from Florida Georgia Line next Fleetwood Mac and that's all I can remember. Checking the songs I spent all of this time working on there they are, 1 wbm and another MP4 Explain to me why I can't download every song in the MP4 format. I can't even burn another DVD since I erased the other one. That's all I can think of right now. I need to take a break from all of this B.S. Get back to me so I can get back to playing the songs I wanted to play.

Ok, that's another thing. To sign in here I had to go down to where it has my old e-mail address and password so that needs updating so when you send me a message I'll get it so here it is and I'll change the password.

Dennis Foley

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Firstly, as long as the files are stored in your PC's hard disk, RealPlayer will be able to add them all to its library.

Secondly, we don't manage how a video is downloaded. Depending on how the file is uploaded, it would download the video as is. Therefore, some videos can be of .MP4 or .WebM etc...You can convert all the videos to MP4 format using RealConverter.

Lastly, what was the error message when you burned a DVD?

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