What is RealTimes?

RealTimes includes the ability to create and share Stories from your photos and videos, and the technology that connects it to any RealTimes application to play your videos on mobile devices or your TV.

What's New in RealTimes

  • RealTimes Stories - a selection of your memories, ready to watch, customise, and share
  • Improved photo support - upload, share, and add to Albums
  • Share Albums and groups of items
  • Simpler Library design for photos and videos

RealTimes helps you watch your videos anywhere, using your favorite devices. Formats and codecs don't matter--your videos just play.

When you install RealTimes and sign in, you automatically get a RealTimes account.

How does RealTimes work?

After you sign in for the first time, RealTimes will look at the photos and videos on your mobile device or PC, and will begin to suggest Stories of your memories. If you subscribe to RealTimes Premium or Unlimited, you will get all of your additional benefits (including more RealCloud storage space) simply by signing in to your account.

Everyone who connects RealCloud to a RealTimes account gets 1GB of free storage space to upload their photos and videos. If that's not enough space, you can always subscribe to a higher level to get more.

Your space is private. You decide if you want to share your videos.

Your RealCloud Library (everything you have uploaded) is available from inside RealTimes. You can upload, download, play, and share.

RealTimes includes Network Sharing: You can stream the contents of your PC to any RealTimes device on your home network, no uploads required.

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