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I have been successful in adding files to the library and played them. But when I click the trimmer, it said "File Parsing Error   This file is not supported by the RealPlayer Trimmer application ." Can this be true that trimmer won't work even if the .vob file could be played? What should I do?

Where can I look up which edition of RealPlayer has been installed?

There were times a window popped up asking for one-time up grade. Does it mean after up grading, the trimmer would automatically work or there are still other installation needed?

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T Chan

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Please note that protected .vob files cannot be converted using RealPlayer Converter due to a restriction having to do with DRM (digital rights management) and copyright. Most commercially produced DVDs are copyright protected.

RealPlayer Converter is designed to convert VOB files from home videos that have one audio track. Converting from VOB files with multiple audio tracks may have unexpected results.  If you are trying to convert .vob files from a DVD that you have created yourself (or a friend has created for you), please follow again the steps of the below article for help:

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Thank you. I am an IT illiterate, so please bear with me and help:

I have a DVD transferred from an old mini DVD cassette with home movies from a camcorder. So, it does not involve any right restrictions.

There were times that pop-up asked for upgrade by payment which I have not done yet as I do not know if it works for me. Should I up grade at any rate before moving on?

Then should I get a say children carton DVD (or VCD can do?) and insert it into the disk drive? When it is does, what do I have to do to download the codec? But right now I can still play DVD bought commercially on my same laptop.

When it is done, should I insert my home made DVD to try again?

Assistance is very much appreciated as I have several cassette of our babies which we like to keep. Thank you again.



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