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New upgrade - downloader stopped working

5 years ago I purchased RealPlayer V1.5 – Brilliant Program! Plays DVD, downloads videos, and plays them back. Non-intrusive easy to use and reliable


2 Years ago I got new computer so I purchased RealPlayer V1.6 – I was not pleased to see it does not play Videos any more but OK I have other programs for that. And definitely not pleased it constantly wants to get me on to Realcloud so I keep having to click “no” buttons but I will live with that nuisance.


Then I foolishly installed an update and a lot of the downloaded videos would not play anymore. I used this forum and none of the "fix it "advice worked but the advice to install a free program called VLC Media Player did work and although VLC acts as malware on occasions at least it can play the Real Player files that Real Player can’t.  The only role left for Real Player is to download videos.


OK – another update is requested and I installed it (why don’t I learn?) thinking the “can’t playback” issue would be resolved. 


But no!  In a spectacular attempt to turn a brilliant and useful piece of software into a completely useless piece of software that does nothing - now it will not download.  What I get is dozens of error messages saying




Severity 3


Error Code: - 2147467259


User Code 0


Could not create actor – guid not found






Advice please


Mark Hempsell

Official comment


Our technical department is currently investigating the problem you describe and they need some additional information to continue their research. Therefore, kindly answer the questions below.

1. Send us some URLs (links) of the videos that cause the error message
2. What Windows version are you using? (Windows 7, 8, 8.1. or 10?)
3. What browser version are you using when downloading? Here's how to tell: Find browser version
4. Go to the following location on your PC and let us know if the you can find the files listed below: C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealDownloader

- cpprest140_2_8.dll;
- downloader2.exe;
- recordingmanager.exe.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation.

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