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Accessing my paid-for 'PremiumPlus' settings

I have been using 'RP+' for several years, but I have NEVER been able to move my downloaded videos after creating an album, it just tells me I need more space.

In all honesty, despite having been using a computer and the internet for probably 20 years or more, since the very early days when in-order to install (back-then) 'Windows 3.1' you had to install loads of Floppy discs and DOS and your entire memory would probably hold 1 music album, if you were lucky, I have rarely found another programme more difficult and lengthy to navigate than 'Real Player'/'Real Times' etc., and even after all these years, I still don't fully understand why you need to download so many files in order to access them.

Most other programmes have improved vastly over the years and the majority of programmes will download quickly and easily - MUCH moreso than 'RP/RP+/RT'.

Is it just me, or do other people have so much hassle.

I've even resorted to trying to AGAIN pay for an annual subscription, and even that says 'not available'.

I am at a complete loss.

Any ideas? All help welcome.



Geoffrey Garoghan

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Hello! In order to buffer content, RealTimes (RealPlayer) requires disk space on your hard drive to temporarily store information, similar to the way your web browser caches images and pages so that they display more quickly when you revisit them.

Low disk space may make it impossible to pause or cache a stream for your preferred length of time. This can occur because you have too little space on your disk to cache the current item.

Try to increase the available disk space by deleting unused or unnecessary files from your hard disk:

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