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Can't burn vcd/dvd

I have spent months trying to burn cd and dvd. I have done everything you told me to. Uninstall Reinstall. I did that many times over several months. I was able to burn about a year ago. I did the Uninstall and Reinstall yesterday and again today. Each time, the box said "RealPlayer burn system not initialized..."

I purchased the RealPlayer Plus with a serial number.

I purchased a Lenovo Z 40 laptop about 2 years ago with Windows 8.1 and sometime last year I upgraded to Windows 10.

Tell me honestly. If I can't burn with my laptop, then don't waste my time trying.

Samuel Lim

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1- You need to uninstall RealPlayer again as described below:

Please do not install RealPlayer at this stage, just follow this steps to remove RealPlayer and delete the application folders. You will install RealPlayer when you reach the line number 2.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you delete the application folders as described here:

2- Restart your computer and install RealPlayer by clicking here:

3- Sign in to RealPlayer. Here is how to do it:

4- Try to burn a DVD, if the issue persists, lower the Write Speed:

- Click on the RealPlayer logo, the top left corner
- Click on the preferences
- Click on CD to extend the list and select CD burner
- Click the drop down menu on ''Write Speed'' and choose a lower speed, 8x is fine. Click on "OK''

5- If the problem is not resolved, click on ''Burn Video to Disk'', a window will open. Make sure you select the option that says ''Do not include menu...'' under the Disk name. Save the changes.

6- Still not resolved, go back to ''Burn Video to Disk'', and go to ''Advanced Burning Options''. Make sure:

- NTSC is selected.
- Aspect ratio Normal (4:3) is selected
- Under ''Burn device'' the two fields are not empty and lower the speed. Click on ''Save''
- Send me a screenshot of the Advanced Burning Options'' 

7- The last thing you can do, if none of the above helps, is to buy new DVD-R.

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