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Recovering Purchased Music

In the olden days (e.g., 2013 and EARLIER) I purchased a bunch of music from you, which I stored on my old iPhone (since replaced with an iPhone 6+)..

Apple, however, destroyed all of my music obtained from you by deleting it in the course of "synchronization" of my old iPhone.

Is there any way for me to get my music back?


Yvonne Renfrew

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If you have purchased .RAX tracks, in October 2010 RealNetworks notified customers that we will no longer support encrypted (RAX) files. These files will still continue to play. However, if you have any of these files on your computer, we advise you to back them up by burning them to audio CD, as you will no longer be able to re-license these files. Once you have burned your tracks to audio CD, they can be converted and stored in any format you desire.

If you have purchased .mp3 songs from Rhapsody MP3 store or If you have any further questions about RealPlayer Music Store tracks, please contact Rhapsody Customer Support:

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