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"REAL" Is Not Real

To whom it may be concerned:

I cancelled my "Real" account months ago because "RealPlayer" would not download videos from most websites. It is a worthless product. It's amazing that this company had a product that worked when it was free, but now charge for something that doesn't.

Even after cancelling the "service" I found out the hard way that they are still billing my account for it. I had a notice from my bank of a charge for $35 due to an unpaid charge against my petty cash account debit card. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it just cost me an extra $35 for something that was cancelled months ago. Makes me wonder how much more they've stolen from me.

My attempts to contact them are in vain because the only "customer service" they have is through this blog. No live support, no way to resolve an issue and no way to get my money back.

You essentially have a one way conversation with a company of thieves.

I own a marketing company that does business with thousands of people online everyday. I am going to make it my obligation to inform all of them within our communications, that "Real" is NOT real, but a dishonest brand that hides behind a non-responsive website, and an organization that should not be trusted.

J.H. Smith


James Smith

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