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William Price

I have paid for Plus 18 but have not got it. Still shows Plus 16.

William Price

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I see you have purchased RealPlayer Plus 18, follow the steps below to install it:

Note: RealPlayer 18 (RealTimes) is compatible with Windows 7 or higher only. 

1. Uninstall previous version of RealPlayer from your computer by following this article:

2. Download the latest version RealPlayer 18 (RealTimes) from: (click download RealPlayer for free)

3. After installing, you just need to sign into the RealPlayer to access the premium features

To check if you have signed in to activate your Plus or subscription features:

- Open RealPlayer on your PC and look for your user name in the upper right.

- If you see a star next to your user name, you are signed in and your subscription/Plus features are active.

- If you see Sign in, choose this option to sign in. 

If you see your user name but there is not a star next to it, try signing out and signing back in to activate your additional paid features.

Note: The RealPlayer logo in the upper left will no longer change to indicate a Plus account. The star in the upper right is the new indicator of a paid account.

In RealPlayer or later, if you click on your username, you should see the word PLUS appear underneath:

I hope this information helps!

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